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Mega Pack Package Reversed
Visualizar Vídeo Mega Pack Package Reversed
Equipment code: 561-582
Brand: Mega Pack
Friggin' Mega Pack
reversed With CLP, photocell and sensor of presence....
Cigarette package Flow Pack
Visualizar Vídeo Cigarette package Flow Pack
Equipment code: 364-005
Complete line of packing of cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars and barns.
Composed of Celofanadeira, Flow Pack packaging and shrinking Tunnel....
Flow pack packaging of magazines / editorial
Visualizar Vídeo Flow pack packaging of magazines / editorial
Equipment code: 547-100
Brand: Mega Pack IV
Friggin' Mega Pack IV.
to pack: magazines, newspapers, comics.
with production of up to 100 units per minute, can be installed bar code system for product ID, values, etc.

Friggin' Mega Pack
Friggin' Mega Pack
Equipment code: 110-578
Brand: R Camargo
Friggin' Mega Pack, manufactured all in stainless steel, with special conveyor belt of five meters for packing food products, hygiene and cleaning products, among others.
engaged in mat Trolleys for food products, clp and photocell.
Mega pack III special package for flexible packaging
Mega pack III special package for flexible packaging
Equipment code: 461-040
Brand: Mega Pack III
Mega pack III special package for flexible packaging....
Celofonadeira Otto Hansel V3
Visualizar Vídeo Celofonadeira Otto Hansel V3
Equipment code: 750-045
Brand: Otto Hansel
Floor / Celofonadeira for cosmetics, candy, cookies, teas, to pack with film celofone completely retrofitada with mechanical and electrical designs new.
measures: 5 m long, 1, 50 m wide, 2 m high
units / min: 40 (around)....
Friggin' Mega Pack for fruit-CL
Visualizar Vídeo Friggin' Mega Pack for fruit-CL
Equipment code: 808-474
Friggin' Mega Pack with intermittent head for packing fruits....
Escamotiavel Head package
Visualizar Vídeo Escamotiavel Head package
Equipment code: 560-600
Floor encolhiveis film (PE, PVC, Poliolefínico) with escamotiável head for pulling the product and not break the film wrap....
Candy packaging mark Otto Hansel V3S
Visualizar Vídeo Candy packaging mark Otto Hansel V3S
Equipment code: 101-703
Candy packaging mark Otto Hansel V3S-Otto Hanseltipo package Machine portfolio for packing: boxes of noodles, forbade sweets at tablets, wafers, boxes of teas or other. Totally reformed and retrofitada with new mechanical and electrical projects....
Intermittent Flow Pack Packaging
Visualizar Vídeo Intermittent Flow Pack Packaging
Equipment code: 260-421
Flow Pack packaging reversed with intermittent vertical sealing head with compressed air system to special lengths to 6mts parts such as: aluminum profiles, Pole, etc....
Votive Candles package (7 days)
Visualizar Vídeo Votive Candles package (7 days)
Equipment code: 201-355
Otto Hansel-tag packaging Packaging packaging portfolio type, votive candles, boxes of noodles, candy, cookies, teas and reformed outrosTotalmente and retrofitada with mechanical and electrical projects new by Camargo machines. ...

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