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Technological wastewater treatment plant (Industrial)
Technological wastewater treatment plant (Industrial)
Equipment code: 642-054
Technological wastewater treatment plant (Industrial):
Function: Clarify the effluent generated in surface treatment process and adapting to the physical / chemical parameters to launch the network collection of Copasa.
Accessories / components:
Wastewater treatment technology
Wastewater treatment technology
Equipment code: 814-825
Wastewater treatment plant (Industrial):
Clarifies the effluent generated in the process of surface treatment and adapt to physical/chemical parameters to launch the collection network COPASA.
2 effluent stores tanks of 2...
2 cargo Ferries to work several Off Shore
2 cargo Ferries to work several Off Shore
Equipment code: 630-031
2 Rafts for several Off Shore work.
All regularized and deadline 10.10.2016.

greater of 52.30 meters X 12.00 meters.
Quiet 1.87 m. project
440 gross tonnage.

measuring 24, 00 m X 9.40 m.
Mouth of 8.00 metres.
Quiet molded 1....
System for generation of purified by reverse osmosis ROH model 006034
System for generation of purified by reverse osmosis ROH model 006034
Equipment code: 320-340
Reverse osmosis
. Resistivity and conductivity readings
. Microprocessor equipment
. Keyboard with four (4) buttons
. Continuous readings
. Non-volatile memory
. Water temperature programming
. Automatic compensation of tempe...
Hot water units
Hot water units
Equipment code: 770-724
Hot water units ...
Effluent treatment line
Effluent treatment line
Equipment code: 844-410
ETE with DIMENSIONS of 32.30 x 15, 70 m, COMPOSED of:
01-electric command panel that controls the power of 70 KW;
01-charcoal filter consisting of carbon steel 1000 l volume;
01-sand filter consisting of carbon steel 1000 l volume;
01-lift st...
Deunizador system-J
Deunizador system-J
Equipment code: 318-307
Deunizador system

State of equipment: used
process in which was used: remove minerals from water
dimensions: 800 Mm length 2000 Mm 2200 Mm AMD Larg
weight: * deunizador k12k * System
general condition: great
notes: Blue Drums/pipes in g...
Equipment code: 147-583
2 Filters model 12CFA1/12CFACK and other 270ET
2 gas Heaters, being one of the Bosch and other Junkers
2 engines for the pool model 2B-M and another 5A-M
1 heater for gas, dry sauna with Add-ons, and thermostat control.
pool light 5 eject...

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