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Industrial machine for parts washer / plastic boxes Zirtec Proceco
Industrial machine for parts washer / plastic boxes Zirtec Proceco
Equipment code: 704-706
Brand: Zirtec Proceco
Washing machine plastic boxes.
Brand Name: Proceco Zirtec.
Model: MBCW24X16.
Purpose: industrial Washing of plastic boxes for packaging of parts (average capacity of 10,000 boxes/day)
-length: 9.1 m.
-width: 2.7 m
-height: 2.52 m ...
Stainless steel tank with simple shirt
Stainless steel tank with simple shirt
Equipment code: 546-558
Stainless steel tank with mixer and simple.
2300 litres capacity....
Washer stainless steel bottles
Washer stainless steel bottles
Equipment code: 874-786
Brand: Imarvil
Stainless steel washer bottles, use to sterilize the product packing container to be filled.
the liquid used to wash is alcohol....
Filling, rosqueadora and Tirelli
Filling, rosqueadora and Tirelli
Equipment code: 076-087
Brand: GVJA, Tirelli
Imported Italian bottling line, threading and labelling, consisting of:

-stainless steel pneumatic linear Tirelli Filling with 4 nozzles.
Model: GVJA.

-Rosqueadora stainless steel bottles, flasks for pneumatic Tirelli.
Model: NEBEL 2 t....
Truck Brand washer Hidromar
Truck Brand washer Hidromar
Equipment code: 422-607
Brand: Hidromar
Truck washer 15 HP.
Mark Pressure 24 kgf.
BH Model 4000....
Canned corn green line
Canned corn green line
Equipment code: 155-524
Brand: Indumak, JBT
Vegetable washer water jet brand JBT year 2008 in stainless steel with.
Dosing of liquid (brine to preserves in glass) trademark stainless steel
Feeder for JBT weigh grain and powder in stainless steel Indumak brand, with production of 40 package...
Dusting flexographic printing machine/plastic film Pelletizer
Visualizar Vídeo Dusting flexographic printing machine/plastic film Pelletizer
Equipment code: 522-024
Brand: Rhaaplex
complete granulation line composed by:

-power Mat.
Measures: 800 mm x 6000 mm.
150 mm side flaps

3CV Engine rubber mat two plies of carbon steel 3 mm.

Dimensions: 600 mm.
With two knives and three rotating knives.
Line for production and packaging of preserved
Line for production and packaging of preserved
Equipment code: 414-425
Brand: Bellinox
Line for production and packaging of preserved foods like fruits and vegetables.
The line was producing pickles.
Year: 2011.
Composed by:

stainless steel manual filling Table with benches to assist the filling.

Pots for stainless steel ...
Pressure washer cans/bottles/jars
Pressure washer cans/bottles/jars
Equipment code: 451-668
Washing machine of cans.
length: 2 metres.
Width: 150 mm mat approximate.
All in stainless steel with medium-sized reducer.
In great working order.
Robust three phase motor machine.
Note: Used in industrial to washes in varied...
Washer of cashier Subra
Washer of cashier Subra
Equipment code: 321-332
Brand: Subra
Lavadora de Caixa Subra.
Modelo: CT47.
Ano: 2008.
CAPACIDADE 540 Unidade / Minuto.
Composta de:
- DOS AQUECIMENTO tanques: 90 kw.
- AQUECIMENTO fazer sopro: 24 kw.
- Bomba de pré-Lavagem: 7,5 kw.
- Bomba de enxágue: 7,5 kw.
- Motoredutor pri...
Bottling line of PET jars
Bottling line of PET jars
Equipment code: 766-278
Brand: Maquinox
Product filling in pieces/particulates with liquid medium.
Brand name: Maquinox READ 100.
Packaging: PET or glass Jars 250 and 500 ml.
capacity: 10 to 100 bottles per minute (depending on the size and weight of the product).

Composed by:
Washer Holstein Kapper
Washer Holstein Kapper
Equipment code: 081-383
Brand: Holstein Kappert
Washer Holstein Kapper.
Year 1996.
Innoclean Model turned off more than 5 years....
Set of machine tools
Set of machine tools
Equipment code: 208-220
Brand: dynamite
1 Saw Wagner for cutting aluminum profiles fully automated.
Policorte * 1 fully automated k12k * machined parts washer 1.
2 chip extractors.
1 Dynamite 4500 machining center....
Window washer brand trays Soncini
Window washer brand trays Soncini
Equipment code: 678-680
Window washer brand trays Soncini...
Brush washer
Brush washer
Equipment code: 840-586
Brush washer LN.
Sleeve 2 X 1.30 M-Year 2001...
Washing Machine Ind. HK
Washing Machine Ind. HK
Equipment code: 678-734
Washing machine IND. HK nº 23/90 301 type: Manufacture 1976. ...
Plastic washer without motor
Plastic washer without motor
Equipment code: 638-801
Plastic washer without motor...
Rinser Type Twister
Rinser Type Twister
Equipment code: 180-278
Rinser Twister Type 6.85 Meters in length

Composed by dildo, bike pump 1 HP and 1 HP reducer...
Washer/ordering closed ampoules-J
Washer/ordering closed ampoules-J
Equipment code: 032-605
Washer/ordering closed ampoules
equipment State: the State
Mark Bayer: Brevetti
model: 34/158-3009 registration/2/77
Manufacturer: Brevetti
process in which was used: washing and closed Ampoules review
capacity: approx. 900 unit...
Equipment code: 506-346
Brand: Hobart
 AUTO CLAVE For Cleaning And SANITIZING Of Shapes And ALIMENTOMarca TRAYS: Hobart...
Washer Mecamau
Washer Mecamau
Equipment code: 173-761
Washer continues Mecamau Sao Jose Ltda Steamer keep 2000 l, Mod L001, Cap. 300 kg/hr...
A dishwasher
A dishwasher
Equipment code: 447-080
Brand: Semco
Dishwasher brand industrial Semco

With washing capacity up to 2500 plates per hour, the dishwasher is an economic model and which guarantees a high-quality service at your restaurant or professional kitchen, since it has the latest technology and...
Washer/dryer hardwood floors Karcher
Washer/dryer hardwood floors Karcher
Equipment code: 440-088
Brand: Karcher
Washer/dryer hardwood floors.
Brand Name: Karcher.
Model: 450 BAT.
Semi new....

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