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Miotto cooler in stainless steel
Miotto cooler in stainless steel
Equipment code: 273-621
Brand: Miotto
Miotto stainless steel cooler.
30 kg Capacity.
Cools the temperature up to 60° c....
Hydraulic press for laborario
Hydraulic press for laborario
Equipment code: 301-470
Hydraulic press for lab, 15 tons maximum working pressure.

With the heating plate.

Temperature controlled.

Machine for lab test, materials behavior.

In great condition.

Dusting flexographic printing machine/plastic film Pelletizer
Visualizar Vídeo Dusting flexographic printing machine/plastic film Pelletizer
Equipment code: 522-024
Brand: Rhaaplex
complete granulation line composed by:

-power Mat.
Measures: 800 mm x 6000 mm.
150 mm side flaps

3CV Engine rubber mat two plies of carbon steel 3 mm.

Dimensions: 600 mm.
With two knives and three rotating knives.
Line for the production of plastic flexible packaging
Line for the production of plastic flexible packaging
Equipment code: 530-452
Brand: Compair, Rulli, Setormaq
Plastic flexible packaging line composed by:
-Extruder Rulli 70 mm.
year: 1996.
2 Cannon recently and a threaded array 200 mm/300 mm/450 mm.
media Production: 150 Kg per hour.

-Extruder Rulli 50 mm.
year: 1992.
Reservation thread.
Injector Kitamura Mycenter 3B
Injector Kitamura Mycenter 3B
Equipment code: 507-010
Brand: Kitamura
Brand: Kitamura.
Model: Mycenter 3B.
Control: Fanuc 11.
Course in x: 960 mm.
Stroke in y: 460 mm.
Stroke in z: 460 mm.
Maganize: 40 tools.
Mounting type: BT40 Iso quick change.
Transcavaco, cooling system.
Sepador system of soluble ...
Cutting and welding of PP/PE side bag
Cutting and welding of PP/PE side bag
Equipment code: 226-248
Cutting and welding of PP/PE side bag.
With triangle to court.
Running in good condition.
Bag length 5 mm x 11 mm, 9 mm x 13 mm, 45 mm x 70 mm.
3 meters long.
Weight: 1,000 kg....
Stokes vacuum granulator.
Stokes vacuum granulator.
Equipment code: 825-237
Brand: Stokes
Stokes vacuum granulator.
Rpm: 1750....
Granulator gum.
Granulator gum.
Equipment code: 001-210
Brand: Manesty
Granulator gum.
Brand: Manesty....
Carnevalli's Extruders
Carnevalli's Extruders
Equipment code: 200-202
Brand: Carnevalli
Carnevalli's Extruders.
Complete with rotary head 50 mm.
year: 1999.
Discussion of film for film printing.
Production capacity of up to 90 kg/h and Slith and weld for cutting production of LDPE and HDPE....
Line for the production of plastic profiles
Line for the production of plastic profiles
Equipment code: 780-702
Brand: Atlas Copco, Borgmar, Ciola, Filizola, Harlo, Korper, Mecanoplast, Miotto, Oryzon, Peloplas, Reinfenhauser, Sabroe, Sasa, Schulz
Oryzon chain saw (warehouse).
With gutter length 1850 mm receiver.
1 HP AC Motor 220 volts, 200 mm disc
maximum Cutting 70 mm x 70 mm.
With cutting, timing Note: reprogram clp.

-Handle profile.
2 HP AC motor 220 volts.
80 x 800 mm bel...
Nissei Injection Blow
Visualizar Vídeo Nissei Injection Blow
Equipment code: 080-582
Brand: Nissei
Used for making PET bottles and jars.
Brand: Nissei.
Production: 30,000.00 Potes (depending on product).
Year: 1998
Model: BSA
In great condition....
Industrial electric furnace for glass curvação or burning of decals on glass and ceramics
Industrial electric furnace for glass curvação or burning of decals on glass and ceramics
Equipment code: 644-752
With 25 meters long.
2 meters wide and 1.50 metre high.
Can be used in the lighting industry, burn of transfers of mugs, plates, glasses, household utilities.
Loose oven a stand every 3 minutes for glass curvação and 6 minutes for fusing.
Machine/Semi Kraft paper 80 g to 180 g
Visualizar Vídeo Machine/Semi Kraft paper 80 g to 180 g
Equipment code: 225-660
Technical data and equipment:
width (face) of the machine: 1, 60 m
Useful Width: 1 m
drying cylinders: 6 (six) and 4 (four) drying cylinders made from cast iron and 2 (two) of sheet
Attached 1 (a), 1 (one) Calender Reel, 1 (a) Hydrapulper, pu...
Machine/Brown Cardboard/cardboard factory gray
Visualizar Vídeo Machine/Brown Cardboard/cardboard factory gray
Equipment code: 500-762
Complete machine.
NRO 25 production-2.500 g/m ² the NRO 100-0.625 g/m ²
Manufactures 0.98 m plates x 1.26 m and/or 0.80 m x 1.00 m

Equipment ratio:
forming machine (cylindrical) useful width 1.20 m, 2 (two) hidrapulperes, pumps, pressure pu...
150 hp 3500 rpm motor
150 hp 3500 rpm motor
Equipment code: 054-035
150 hp 3500 rpm motor  ...
Mechanical conveyor belt Continuous concave, motorized.
Mechanical conveyor belt Continuous concave, motorized.
Equipment code: 574-530
BASIC CHARACTERISTIC of equipment: length: 15,000 mm. Width of belt: useful 24. Working height: 2.5 Mt. Distance c/c of load rollers: 300 mm. Distance c/c of return rollers: 700 mm. Fixed speed: 15 m/min technical characteristics: Stringers: carbon s...
Equipment code: 131-217
measurements are: height: mtsLargura: mtsComprimento: 2.4 2.6 6.0 mts

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