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Long spaghetti noodles pasta package mark Pavan
Long spaghetti noodles pasta package mark Pavan
Equipment code: 123-535
Brand: Pavan
Friggin' long pasta "Spaghetti".
Mark Pavan, Italian.
Beige color.
With add-on tracks.
Minimum capacity: 250.
Maximum capacity: 1000.
Product to be weighed: PL
voltage: 380/150....
Industrial line for production of long pasta noodle spaghetti
Industrial line for production of long pasta noodle spaghetti
Equipment code: 211-625
Brand: Ata, Braibanti, Pavan
Line composed by:

trademark boiler Ata, with production of 650 kg/h steam with heating surface to 20 m ³, 120 psig working pressure, test pressure 240 psig. GMP equipment fuel with electric control board.

Pneumatic flour with a capacity of 20...
Complete line for the production of spaghetti noodles
Complete line for the production of spaghetti noodles
Equipment code: 503-004
Complete line of spaghetti consisting of:
-automatic Dryer with complete rods.
-Mill to grind the leftover spaghetti to return.
-2 automatic packaging machines 500 g and 200 g

Production capacity...
Trabato cut pasta with capacity to 300 kgs/hour
Visualizar Vídeo Trabato cut pasta with capacity to 300 kgs/hour
Equipment code: 026-338
Brand: Vogue
Trabato cut pasta with capacity to 300 kgs/hour.
Construction: structure with rectangular tube 40 mm x 60 mm x 2 mm, the screens its edge with cold plate folded and with reinforcement of rectangular tube 20 mm x 30 mm x 2 mm stainless steel screen....
Homemade automatic line long (spaghetti noodles)
Visualizar Vídeo Homemade automatic line long (spaghetti noodles)
Equipment code: 538-030
Homemade automatic line long (spaghetti noodles).
600 mm cutter free rolls, 1.80 mm gearmotor movement 0.5 HP.
3.2 mm brass comb, divided into 3 parts each side of the roller.
The table structure in square tube 60 mm x 60 mm x 2 mm.
Table in ...
Pappardelle noodles and vertical cutter
Pappardelle noodles and vertical cutter
Equipment code: 400-421
Noodle cutter and pappardelle with vertical opening of 400 mm. output
Accompanies support structure of the masses.
All stainless steel with safety standards.
220 v Voltage.
cutter Measures: 950 mm x 340 mm x 370 mm.
support Structure Measur...
Croissant line-Seewer Rondo
Croissant line-Seewer Rondo
Equipment code: 330-741
Brand: Seewer Rondo
Croissant line-Seewer Rondo brand, SCM50 model....
Instant noodles line (Fuji).
Instant noodles line (Fuji).
Equipment code: 304-411
Instant noodles line (Fuji).
capacity: 15000 packages/hour.
three-row has 5 leads.
consisting of:
k12k * Mixers * main cylinder feeder.
master cylinder k12k * Cylinder *.
cylinder Output and input of the baking tunnel.
baking tunnel.
Monobloc brand Trevi
Monobloc brand Trevi
Equipment code: 548-450
Monobloc Trevi brand mod. FMM 1000 to 1000 kg/h....
Pre mass drying short-Trabato
Pre mass drying short-Trabato
Equipment code: 583-505
Pre drying short mass-Trabato

Length: 1.70 x 0.82 x width 1.50 tall...
Noodle industry
Noodle industry
Equipment code: 648-227
Noodle Factory equipment
02 (two) 150 kg presses.
Farinheiras bike vacuum cleaner vacuum pump set flour.
Presses 150 kg (single) farinheiras.
01 (a) ninhadeira can make angel hair.
trafila exfoliates. ...
Pastry dough roller
Pastry dough roller
Equipment code: 014-274
Pastry dough roller  ...
Pasta extruder
Pasta extruder
Equipment code: 464-028
Brand: Braibanti
Extruder Braibanti brand.
production of approximately 250 kg per hour.
for pasta, rations, among others....
Capeleteira to make capeletti
Capeleteira to make capeletti
Equipment code: 411-423
Machine used to make Capellini.
Vaporação surface 100 m ².
Capellini 90 production kg/h
Containing the wreck of Capellini.

Note: designed to work with various types of noodles....

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