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Injection Molding

Miotto Mixer
Miotto Mixer
Equipment code: 464-418
Brand: Miotto
Brand mixer Miotto.
Mixture composed of rigid PVC or flexible capacity 200 kg/hour.
-30 HP Engine....
Injector/PET preform mold with injection and 4 blow 20
Injector/PET preform mold with injection and 4 blow 20
Equipment code: 203-641
Brand: Nissei
Injector/PET preform mold with injection 4 and 20.
Brand Name: NISSEI ASB.
Model: PF6-2B.
Year: 1997.
Productivity: 1200 to 1600 g/h
in the production of PET bottles of 100 ml to 2000 ml (soft drinks, wines, brandy, vinegar and others).
Plastic injection Orient
Plastic injection Orient
Equipment code: 052-251
Brand: Orient
Plastic injection Orient.
Model: IHP 140/250.
Capacity: 250 cm ³.
Year: 1986.
Panel: MCPII....
Injector Kitamura Mycenter 3B
Injector Kitamura Mycenter 3B
Equipment code: 507-010
Brand: Kitamura
Brand: Kitamura.
Model: Mycenter 3B.
Control: Fanuc 11.
Course in x: 960 mm.
Stroke in y: 460 mm.
Stroke in z: 460 mm.
Maganize: 40 tools.
Mounting type: BT40 Iso quick change.
Transcavaco, cooling system.
Sepador system of soluble ...
Seibt mill
Seibt mill
Equipment code: 507-528
Brand: Seibt
Seibt m6H 2 mill/18-2cv engine

Note: this machine is suitable for grinding plants that, for its great production capacity can meet the various injection molding machine, blow molding machines, extruders, etc. ..
Grinding of the most varied type...
Injector IHP 140/250 East.
Injector IHP 140/250 East.
Equipment code: 406-008
Brand: Oriente
Injector IHP 140/250 East.
MCP Panel 3.
Closure: 140 tons.
Capacity: 250 grams.
Between columns: 360 mm x 360 mm....
CNC Injection
CNC Injection
Equipment code: 653-861
Brand: L.K. Machinery
4 CNC Injection.
Brand Name: L.K. Machinery.
Model: Potenza 160.
With funnel warmer....
Aluminium injection
Aluminium injection
Equipment code: 804-206
Brand: Toshiba
Aluminum injection.
Year: 2001.
Brand Name: Toshiba.
Model: DC 350 J-S.
Closing force: 5000 t.
Between 600 x 600 columns.
WEG PLC300 digital Panel.
Conservation status-New.
Final product-any piece of aluminum.
This machine can be us...
Nissei Injection Blow
Visualizar Vídeo Nissei Injection Blow
Equipment code: 080-582
Brand: Nissei
Used for making PET bottles and jars.
Brand: Nissei.
Production: 30,000.00 Potes (depending on product).
Year: 1998
Model: BSA
In great condition....
Jasot injection Mod IJ 890-220
Jasot injection Mod IJ 890-220
Equipment code: 582-503
Brand: JASOT
Jasot injection Mod IJ 890-220 (240 Royal t).
Year 2004.
IJ Mod Model 890-220/With 240 tons.
Closing 240 tons.
640 grams Capacity.
Between 500 x 500 columns mm.
Accompanies Dryer Feeder....
Low pressure polyurethane injection
Low pressure polyurethane injection
Equipment code: 401-608
Brand: Fibermaq
Low pressure polyurethane injection.
Manufacturer: Fibermaq.
model: PUF 7 Basic.
voltage: 220 v.
air Consumption: 20/80 PSI PCM.
Power Consumption: 4431 Watts.
low density rigid foams.
flexible foams.
integral skin...
Extruder BIMATIC 1.0 D
Extruder BIMATIC 1.0 D
Equipment code: 163-117
1.0 D BIMATIC extruder head dual table mat quadruplet burrs feeder between 40 mm Center...
Low Pressure PU injection NEW
Low Pressure PU injection NEW
Equipment code: 300-856
Independent frequency inverters in drive motors gear pumps to control the flows and the relationship of polyol isocyanate x.
with dynamic mixer powered by electric motor of 1 or 3 HP, 3-phase, 6000 RPM.
command System through Programmable logic c...
Hard Polyurethane injection Saip SRL
Hard Polyurethane injection Saip SRL
Equipment code: 003-776
Hard Polyurethane injection machine
k12k * High. * model:
SRL Saip Cabiate (COMO) K60-ES
N° de serie: Italian 375...
Petrochemical industry of second generation methyl methacrylate / Perspex granules
Petrochemical industry of second generation methyl methacrylate / Perspex granules
Equipment code: 705-805
Complete industry for manufacture of thermoplastic polymers, resulting in acrylic beads made by injection moulding/extrusion.

The industry has excellent automated production line, allowing it to be produced 400 tons per month of granular acrylic,...
Battenfeld Injection
Battenfeld Injection
Equipment code: 834-780
01-Battenfeld Injection

model-BSKM460/1200 GRAMS
closing force: 460 tons-year of manufacture 2/27/1972.

01-Battenfeld Injection

model-Q212/400 GRS
closing force: 212 Tons-year of manufacture 3/1/1977 (CLP included)

01-Battenfeld I...
Plastic injection Haifly
Plastic injection Haifly
Equipment code: 046-515
Brand: Haifly
Plastic injection Haifly
Mark TX 388 Model F1
product can be manufactured by this machine: housewares such as pails, basins. Auto parts like bumper cars, housing, rear view mirror and etc.
the machine can process 252 kg/h of plastic ma...
Battenfeld Injection
Battenfeld Injection
Equipment code: 103-256
Brand: Battenfeld
Battenfeld injection of 2000 g to 500 ton, year 1981 ...
Hydraulic injection mass
Hydraulic injection mass
Equipment code: 714-464
Hydraulic injection mass...
Polyurethane injection Sulpol
Polyurethane injection Sulpol
Equipment code: 133-207
Brand: Sulpol
Poliutretano injection of Sulpol, model ST-rise of 15 with P15A Kg/min...

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