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Miotto Mixer
Miotto Mixer
Equipment code: 464-418
Brand: Miotto
Brand mixer Miotto.
Mixture composed of rigid PVC or flexible capacity 200 kg/hour.
-30 HP Engine....
Seibt mill
Seibt mill
Equipment code: 507-528
Brand: Seibt
Seibt m6H 2 mill/18-2cv engine

Note: this machine is suitable for grinding plants that, for its great production capacity can meet the various injection molding machine, blow molding machines, extruders, etc. ..
Grinding of the most varied type...
Blower Pavan Zanetti
Blower Pavan Zanetti
Equipment code: 651-663
Brand: Pavan Zanetti
Blower Pavan Zanetti.
Model: BTM 36D....
Battenfeld Blower Pugliese.
Battenfeld Blower Pugliese.
Equipment code: 702-704
Brand: Battenfeld Pugliese
M blower/Battenfeld Pugliese.
Model: Pac-1.
Year: 95.
Double head c/between 100 mm Centre
machine for blowing material in media and high density polyethylene and pvc....
Blow molding set
Blow molding set
Equipment code: 746-158
Brand: Soprotec
Soprotec of 3-litre blower, year 2003.
10 litre blower year 2012, with little use.
20 litre blower year 2012, unused.
25 litre blower year 2010, unused.
50 litre blower year 2012, unused....
Blower Pavan Zanetti
Blower Pavan Zanetti
Equipment code: 813-825
Brand: Pavan Zanetti
Blower Pavan Zanetti.
Model: HDL 30 l.
Retrofitada by pavan in 2008 with CLP 4004 acts.
Parizon programmer of 30 LOADTEC points.
Accumulator head of 5 kg, 20 gallon litres with hydraulic equipment highlighting in an excellent state of ...
Blow molding set
Blow molding set
Equipment code: 302-400
Brand: Bekum BA 07, JAC, Pavan, Pugliese, Rogeflex, Sig, Tincoo
Tincoo Blower.
Year: 2012.
Double table.
2 liters capacity with quadruple head of 65 mm (without equipment) in perfect condition.

Bekum blower BA 07.
For PVC with frequency inverter, CLP and simple head.
Excellent state of conservation....
8 Pavan Blow Zanetti
8 Pavan Blow Zanetti
Equipment code: 462-473
Brand: Pavan Zanetti
8 Pavan Blow Zanetti.
HDL model 5 l
Year 2009 and 2010 (one of the machines never ran) this zero.
Equipment are in room cleaned.
Only works with Virgin material, not even reuses the Burr material, machine...
SIG blowing KMB 3D
SIG blowing KMB 3D
Equipment code: 667-670
Brand: SIG KMB 3D
Blower SIG 3D.
KMB year of manufacture 2002.
With conveyor, cutthroat, inclined mat bottleneck for burrs, triple head, VFD thread, PLC, two stations and feeder.
equipment of food industry.
only works with Virgin material, periodic reviews....
Wind industry
Wind industry
Equipment code: 216-227
Wind industry in full operation consisting of the following facilities:
5 Blower 3 liters k12k * 1 * 5 blower liters, single cavity mold.
1 2 litre blower, dual cavity (cast 2 1 liter narrow mouth and mold 1 2 l wide mouth).
1 1 litre blower, q...
Blower for 25 litres capacity drum
Blower for 25 litres capacity drum
Equipment code: 670-581
* K12k * blower capacity: 25 litres.
Table dimensions: C:750 x: 580 (mm).
Minimum Closure: maximum aperture: 780 X 350 (mm).
head Diameter: 320 (mm).
closing force: 22 (T).
voltage: 380 (V)....
Blower 2 Bekum
Blower 2 Bekum
Equipment code: 603-604
Brand: Bekum
Bekum blower Bae, extruder: S 531 NG.
Head: BKD 51.
Thread: 50 x 24 diameter D
capacity: 3 liters.
Average productivity: 4000 pieces a day
Purchase: 12/31/98.

Bekum blower H-111/5, extruder: S 506/24 d.
Head: BKD 51/A50.
Capacity: 3...
Complete extrusion line for PP or PE up to 8 mm
Complete extrusion line for PP or PE up to 8 mm
Equipment code: 555-576
Brand: MECALOR, Newton, Siemens, WEG
Complete extrusion line for PP or PE up to 8 mm, composed of:

sheet extruder.
processing capacity: 330 to 550 Kg/h.
150 mm diameter spindle for HDPE and PP.
automated feeding system.
width: 2000 mm.
width of machine: 2500 mm.
PET Preform Blowing
PET Preform Blowing
Equipment code: 855-257
Brand: Sidel
PET Preform blowing.
7000 1000 bottles Capacity time.
k12k * Mark Sidel SBO Model * 6/6.
Year 1993.
French 7 1000 bottles Production hour.
NOTE: This machine without the doors and correntão of the oven....
Blowers/pasta dryers
Blowers/pasta dryers
Equipment code: 305-751
Brand: Sagec
Blowers/dryers Sagec tag noodle new...

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